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Surveillance Camera Installation by yourself – Like a Pro

Surveillance Camera Installation by yourself – Like a Pro

Surveillance Camera Installation is tough enough, right? Obviously, it is tough if you don’t know the process. But you are not going through this trouble anymore. This Surveillance Camera Installation guideline is going to teach you the whole process needed to know about security camera installation.
Before we go through the process, lets have a look at the chart below.

Burglaries report of USA
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Hope there is no need to explain this chart. It is a matter of concern that every year on USA, near to a million of burglaries took place. And most of the burglaries happen to residential homes(more then 60%). This chart shows the importance of installing a home security system such as security camera. Considering this circumstance the topic ‘Surveillance Camera Installation‘ got more focuses. It is worth saying after having a home, installing a Security Camera should be your first task.
You can do Surveillance Camera Installation by yourself or you can also hire an expert. But the fact is that, if you hire an expert you will have to pay an average of $100 to 200 per camera as labor cost. So, why you don’t try to install your cctv camera by your own where you have found the simplest Surveillance Camera Installation guideline with step-by-step process.
Let’s dive into the process.
At first you will have to choose, which type of Security Camera do you need for your home. There are a lot of different types with their own unique features. Have a look at these different types very quickly.

Types of Surveillance Camera

PTZ Surveillance Camera

PTZ Camera
PTZ Surveillance Camera

PTZ (stands for Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Cameras are more reliable when you need to pan, tilt or zoom to focus on any specific object. You can control this camera with your phone using the preferred software or key fob(if provided).

IP Surveillance Camera

IP Security Camera
IP Surveillance Camera

IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras operate over an Internet Protocol. They offer more high quality video with wider video site range. With wide and narrow field of view this camera provides better zoom in capability.

TVI Cameras

TVI Surveillance Camera
TVI Camera

TVI(Transport Video Interface) Cameras are the digital edition of the analog camera. This type of analog camera provides high definition video quality up to 1080p. It is needed for those who already have an analog camera and want to modify it to HD quality digital camera. They can modify their old camera without changing the core analog wiring system by using TVI Camera. It actually sends compressed digital signal through the analog cable.

Fisheye Security Camera

Security camera installation
Fisheye security camera

This highly demandable business security camera is also known as 360-degree camera. It has ultra wide angle lenses which provide a 2 dimensional spherical image that covers the whole area within a single image. But the limitation is that this camera is unable to provide a high resolution footage for long distant objects.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet Camera
Bullet Security Camera

A great deterrence system with a simple cylindrical shape. This small sized camera provides a relatively narrow field of view with its fixed lens.

Wireless Surveillance Camera

cctv camera installatiion
Wireless Surveillance Camera

I think there is no need to define this type of Security Camera. Camera of this type transmits data using WiFi or other wireless communication protocols(such as Bluetooth or Zigbee ) instead of using physical cable what the wired camera does.

Hope you got an overview of different types of Security Cameras. If you need to know that, which is the best home security camera then go and check this page 10 Best Home Security Systems you must know.
So now lets dive into the main topic of this page Surveillance Camera Installation Guidelines.

Surveillance Camera Installation

  • Step-1: Gather all the equipment first
  • Step-2: Choose the perfect place where to set the camera
  • Step-3: Drill the wall after perfect measurement
  • Step-4: Connect the camera with the power station
  • Step-5: Connect with the monitor, internet station, DVR, mouse & keyboard
  • Step-6: Install the preferred software on your phone and connect

Step-1: Gather all the equipment first

A mechanic without his equipment is like a car without an engine. So don’t become like an engineless car. Gather the essential equipment needed to install Security Camera. These are a drilling machine, electrical tape, electrical plus, screwdriver.

Step-2: Choose the perfect place where to set the camera

It is the most important step where you should be more careful and creative. The usefulness of your camera is dependent on where it is placed. You should set it on a place from where it could cover most of the area. A highly recommended place to set a security camera is corner side. So choose the perfect corner to place the camera on and also keep in mind that there should not be any obstacle to interrupt it from capturing footages.

Step-3: Drill the wall after perfect measurement

Before you drill, you must measure the distance of the holes where the screws will be placed. Now drill the wall and set the camera using screws(provided with the camera).

Step-4: Connect the camera with the power station

Using the power cable, connect your Surveillance Camera with your power station. Make sure to connect the cable port properly because a loose connection waste electricity and could be a reason for a fire accident. Look at the power indicator on the camera to ensure that the camera is plugged appropriately.

Step-5: Connect with the monitor, internet station, DVR, mouse & keyboard

Now, connect your camera with your monitor, internet station, DVR, mouse & keyboard.

Step-6: Install the preferred software on your phone

If you are setting up a digital camera then download the preferred software(every brand has their own software) on your phone or tablet. You will find the software name on your camera box. Installed the software? Just connect the camera using its unique interfaces with your phone.

Congratulation, you just completed a Surveillance Camera Installation by your own. Now you have a trusted guard to protect your house from burglaries. So at the very edge of this article, lets have a look at these below ideas to make your security guard more advance.

Advance Security Tips

How you have a security camera to protect you from burglaries, the thieves have also their security techniques to protect them from being captured. Nowadays, a lot of burglaries happen where the thief cuts the wire so the camera got inactive and they took the disadvantage of this situation. So, try to keep all the wire inside of your home by drilling very near to the camera.
Another advanced security tips could be using a motion sensor light. It is one of the best advance security practice along with Surveillance Camera. When a motion will be detected the light will blow-up and you could see the suspicious person on your camera.

Hope you got everything. Now go and install your Surveillance Camera by your own. If you find this article useful, don’t forget to comment below. Thanks for staying with Learn-Global. Learn-Global, learn new things everyday.

10 Best Home Security Systems you must know

10 Best Home Security Systems you must know

The quality of your Home Security System is proportional to your peace. The more safe your house will be, the more relax you will be. The Best Home Security System will take care of your asset like a mother takes care of her child.
So, while you are thinking to fit a Security System for your home, it is important to choose the right one. There are a tons of security kits available on the market and it is tough to choose the best one within a click. But this article is going to be your personal instructor to help you choosing the Best Home Security System according to todays market.

List of the 10 Best Home Security Systems for Today:

  • SimpliSafe Home Security Kit
  • Ring Alarm Pro
  • Ring Alarm (2nd Generation)
  • Blink Outdoor 4 (4th Gen)
  • Vivint Smart Home
  • Abode Wireless Smart Security Kit
  • Comcast Xfinity Home
  • WYZE Cam Pan v3
  • SECURITYMAN 2-in-1 Door Security Bar
  • Firstrend Security Camera

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System

Best Home Security System
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On our 10 Best Home Security Systems list, SimpliSafe Security kits hold the #1 place. Because of its simple setup and DIY(do-it-yourself) installation process it is always loved by the users. There are both Professional Monitoring system and Self Monitoring system available. SimpliSafe provides free Professional Monitoring system for the first month. ‎It is a whole package consists of Base station, keypad, entry sensor, motion sensor, key fob. Motion sensor detects motion within 35 feet and have a 90 degree field of view also friendly for pets under 60lbs. Provides a great full room coverage when placed in a corner. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and you can arm or disarm the system from the SimpliSafe app and receive alerts on your phone when a sensor is triggered.

Special Features: Motion Sensor, Night Vision, HD Resolution, 2 Way Audio, Motion Sensor, Image Sensor.

Price: Starts from $199.99 and the highest price is $499.99(it depends on your demand for the devices).

Ring Alarm Pro

Home Security System
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After SimpliSafe Security kits, Ring Alarm Pro holds the nearest place on our Best Home Security Systems list. It is worth saying they both are almost same by quality. It has an unique feature of built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router. There is no any scope for self-monitoring system. So you will have to subscribe the professional-monitoring plan. There will be a 30-day free professional-monitoring plan. Note: Ring Alarm Professional Monitoring service is available only within the U.S. (all 50 states, but not U.S. territories). Ring Protect Pro Plan includes Alarm Professional Monitoring that means you will get a 24/7 help from the monitoring team, they will request the police, fire, or medical help when you need. A full package of one Alarm Pro Base Station, one Keypad, four Contact Sensors for windows/doors, one Motion Detector for one hallway/room, and one Alarm Range Extender is enough to secure your apartment from any terms of accident.

Special Features: High speed internet with 24/7 internet backup, Alarm Cellular Backup, Ring Edge with Local Video Storage, 1,500 sq. ft. room coverage.

Price: Starts from $299.99 and the highest price is $529.97(depends on the package you want). The Subscription plan costs $20/month.

Ring Alarm (2nd Generation)

Home Security
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It is also fast, reliable, with an excellent package of add-on cameras and doorbells. Provides the same security as Ring Alarm Pro but does not has a built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router. If you already have a mesh network and don’t need the eero Wi-Fi 6 router then this is only for you as you will get exactly same performance like the Ring Alarm Pro at a low price.

Price: Starts from $199.99 to $234.99 and the Subscription plan costs $20/month.

Blink Outdoor 4 (4th Gen)

Home Security System
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What a coincidence! Blink Outdoor 4 is ranking 4th on our Best Home Security System list. Just joking, But it is here because of its good quality. A wider field view of 143-degree (up from 110 degrees) covers every corner of your room/garden and the 1080p video quality can help you to record your memorable clips with family & the voice over control with Alexa made the process more meaningful. The weather proof feature added more safety to this kit. Tow-way audio, motion detection, person detection and HD day and night view covered all the security terms needed to protect your asset. Both self-monitoring and professional-monitoring are available.

Price: Starts from $89.99 to $459.99. The Subscription plan costs $3/month and $10/month.

Vivint Smart Home

Best Home Security
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Basically it is a Professional installation and monitoring system that offers three types of package(Starter Package, Premium Package, Premium Plus Package). You can also create your own preferred package. All the equipment such as Smart Hub, Door Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, Burglary Detector, Glass break detector are included to make your thing safe from any terms of damage. Your assets will be monitored for 24/7 by the specialists and you will be notified for any terms of abnormality. Also the monitoring team will be alert for any kind of emergency. Smart Door Lock will lock the door for all the unknown person and could be accessed with up to 250 unique codes for friends and family. You can also control the door from anywhere even with voice command(using Alexa or Google Assistant).

Price: Starter Package $29.99 per month for monthly monitoring. The Premium Package is $34.99/month, and Premium Plus Package is $39.99/month.

Abode Wireless Smart Security Kit

Best House Security
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Powerful whole home security with DIY installation system included with built-in 93dB siren, backup battery, ethernet and WiFi to connect up to 160 wireless devices around your home including sensors, cameras, locks, garage doors, lights and thermostats. Easy arm or disarm with only one click using the key fob. Easily installable mini door/window sensor provides a quick notification if the door is open while the system is armed. All the sensors of the kit provides an immediate report for water leaks, smoke and/or CO2 alarms and the security cameras covers all the inside and outside view could be used to capture any event. Compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant and optional Professional Monitoring is available.

Price: From $69.99 up to $149.00.

Comcast Xfinity Home

Great Home Security System
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Both Self Protection and Professional Monitoring available. HD Live Video with Night Vision, Motion detector, Two-Way Audio, Weatherproof kit and Kwikset Smart Lock added the highest level of security. You can also add Smoke detector, video doorbell, door window sensor if you need. No long term contract, so you can change self monitoring or professional monitoring at any time.

Price: Self Protection $10.99, Pro Protection $45/month and Pro Protection Plus $55/month.

WYZE Cam Pan v3

Best home security camera
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If you are looking for a very simple Home Security System for your apartment, then WYZE Cam Pan v3 Security Camera is the simplest one. This pan-and-tilt video camera is IP65 rated weatherproof and could work between -20°C – 50°C temperature. You can control the camera remotely with Wyze app from anywhere and its 360° left/right rotation range & 180° vertical up/down rotation range covers every single corner of your room, also provides with 1080p HD video quality. Also, it could be controlled with ‎Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Special Feature: 2 Way Audio, Night Vision, PTZ Technology, Motion Sensor.

Price: $39.98 only.

SECURITYMAN 2-in-1 Door Security Bar

Good home security system
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Another simplest Home Security System for those who want to tight their door so that no one can get access. It is very simple to use, just keep the solid bar behind the door or place it on the sliding window. This is an Iron solid bar and could bear up to 400 pounds of pressure. The bar is attached with a vibration activated alarm that will warn you for any disturbances or scare off unwanted guests. This bar is also very much demandable and well rated on Amazon, that is why we just listed it here.

Price: $39.95 only.

Firstrend Security Camera

Home Security Camera
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The very last one kit on our Best Home Security System list is the Firstrend Security Camera. This Security Camera offers up to 110 degrees viewing angle with night vision up to 65ft distance by 6 IR-leds and IP66 rated weatherproof cameras. Compatible for mobile (Android and iOS System), tablet and PC. This camera took place on our Best Home Security Systems list because of its trend on Amazon. It was sold more than 1K in past month and got a great amount of positive ratings. So it could be the perfect Security Camera for you house.

Price: Starts from $149.99 to $449.99 depending on the hard drive capacity.

Congratulation, you are at the edge and hope you have already found the Best Home Security System for your home. If you still need help, stick with us. Here is our suggestion considering your situation. Have a look at and finalize the perfect one for you.

Best Home Security System Considering Your Need

Condition 1:
Your home is in highly threat and you are searching for a professional monitoring system that will monitor your home 24/7 and will be alert for any terms of emergency, then the Ring Alarm Pro or Ring Alarm 2nd Gen will be a better choice considering the circumstance.
Condition 2:
Your home is needed for a normal security and you are searching for a self monitoring system so that you can monitor your home by your own then you can choose SimpliSafe Home Security System. Also you can try the Comcast Xfinity Home as it provides a no term contract system that means you can convert to self monitoring or professional monitoring at anytime.
Condition 3:
You are finding for the best home security camera to control your inside or outside of your room then you can go for a WYZE Cam Pan v3 or Firstrend Security Camera.
Condition 4:
Your door is not tight enough or your are not satisfied with your door lock, you want to add more power on your door/sliding window, try the simplest home security kit SECURITYMAN 2-in-1 Door Security Bar.

Hope there is no doubt remains. You have found the best home security system for your house. Now go and have a relax with your preferred Best Home Security System. Stay connected with Learn-Global.